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Core Worlds


When the United Earth Territories were formally established by the Unifier after the Marcher Lords re-established contact with the major human controlled systems 85 core worlds were created as administrative centres, each having a Beta node back to the Terra Alpha node. Each core world serves as the hub of its own Federal hub, with Gamma, Delta, and Eta nodes connecting back to their parent system.


For navigation purposes some core systems use their first age designation, while their fifth age name is used for official purposes and in popular culture.


Core world - 1st Age name/5th Age name

1. Terra  - Sol system

2. Alpha – Alpha Centauri

3. Neus Brasilia – Pau

4. Rynth – Bastion Gamma

5. Caliope – Upsilon Andromedae/Cassiopeia

6. Vren – 82 G. Eridani/Hirukote

7. Zin Fa – Luhman 16

8. Bernard – Bernards Star

9. Okami – Wolf 359 refining ring

10. Octus – Luyten 726-8, pulled from the Epsilon-Eradni Oort cloud

11. Tycho – Epsilon-Eradni

12. Erigone – Procyon, orphan system

13. Di Wu – Bellatrix – outer bastion of the Marcher Lords

14. Al Tau-am – Pollux

15. Agastya – Canopus

16. Daksha – Aldebaran

17. Frae a Vindinn – Pleiades cluster

18. Terezi – Gliese 581/Cabirka

19. Sasori – Gliese 667 C/Kunama

20. Ku’ari – 61 Virginis/Shojo

21. Bastion – COROT-7/Gisi

22. Mariposa – HD 69830/Cho

23. Manet – HD 40307/Yishu

24. Galit – 47 Ursae Majoris/Kuma

25. Gagarin – Nu2 Lupi/Rodina

26. Zantara – HD 1461/Hvela

27. Ballantine – HD 134060/Malakov

28. Ji’wi – 23 Libre/Tarajuv

29. Sierra – HIP 57274/Kodiak

30. Ursus – Alpha Ursae Majoris/Tian Shu

31. Tyr – Polaris

32. Bei – Alioth

33. Mavara – HD 141399/Kamath

34. Equus – HD 114386/Morin

35. Optima – HD 11964/Pragia

36. Cerberus – HD 45364/Hades

37. Baila – HD 37124/Izdiham

38. Amana – HD 65216/Kranz

39. Mataan – HD 20781/Iker

40. Kuren – Tau Gruis

41. Krena – HD 215456/Avios

42. Sarasa – HD 213240/Golya

43. Guan – HD 208487/Aragil

44. Gliese Prime – Gliese 832/Gliese

45.  Yi – Alpha Gruis

46. Cisne – Gliese 777/Cyan

47. Paravia – V460 Cygni/Genta

48. Qu – HD 187123/Curial

49. Cygnus X-1 - Gamma-ray power plant

50. Raja – HAT-P-7/Hamasa

51. Cygne – Kepler-22/Roi

52. Kastro – Kepler 23/Alleme

53. Vina – Kepler-37/Ufra

54. Tiantang – GJ 3021/The Mandate

55. Mikko – HD 10180/Fuomi

56. Ilan – HD 20003/Byala

57. Mbwa – HD 47546/Kutya

58. Sabaka – HD 47186/Sunakh

59. Journey’s End – Kepler 20/Raira

60. Salryn – Kepler-102/Mendai

61. Kugu – Kepler-186/White Tail

62. Talla Axcite – Monreal

63. Lo-Phi – Huayuan

64. Coughlan – Lupus

65. Toride – Epsilon Kappa

66. Merrem – Lodosia

67. Shin Kyoto – Asahi

68. Hinokoku – Eldur

69. Izotza – Gelum

70. Macu – Pirlanta

71. Barapha – Kepler 186/Vamana

72. Areia – Reta

73. Ekata – Concordia

74. Satata – Vjernost

75. Ithemba – Espoir

76. Telos – Koniec

77. Polemos – Yud’dha

78. Vita – Ukulwa

79. Guerra – Haribe

80. Amaiti – Paix

81. Diushi – Paume

82. Jia – Nuur

83. Archiste - Yene

84. Vermello – Chervan

85. Aroha - Ai



Guide to the Void

Nodal Network


The nodal network is a faster than light information and navigation network built during the early days of the second age, which was rebuilt by the Arz Astraloga as the Marcher Lords spread out across the stars in the fourth age.


The network is broken down into key nodes, with the Alpha node inbuilt into Sahar station orbiting Terra, which has a direct link to Syrianna. In turn all the core worlds have a beta node which links directly to the alpha node, then in turn their client systems have gamma nodes, and so on down to eta and theta nodes.


StellaNet is built on the back of the network, and the entire UET  infrastructure relies on this ready access to Syrianna in order to provide all the computational power needed for everyday systems.


The network is jealously guarded by the Arz Astraloga, and their Sonneschutz Order Millitant has a fearsome reputation for dealing with hackers, terrorists, and anyone who interferes with the running of the system.


Other networks, such as SideReal, also utilise the network, though they fall outside the UET's security framework and as such beyond the perview of the network's guardians.


In the wake of the Unifier's instructions at the start of the fourth age the Marcher Lords set out from Terra and reconnected many thousands of worlds colonized by solnir kinde during the second ages, resulting in the founding of the United Earth Territories (UET) headquartered on Terra. The UET encompasses an area spanning roughly six hundred light years in all directions from Terra. A network of ring cycles connects the systems using wormholes, and as humanity slowly reaches out into the void using slower than light exploration vessels more systems are added to the UET over time.

Ring Cycles


Each explored system will have its own set of wormholes linking both the in-system planets with one another and the system with the wider body of the UET. A ring cycle's size can vary from 1km to 10km in radius depending on the needs of the system and the size of ships expected to travel through it.


The ring cycles come in pairs to allow for fast flow of traffic in either direction, and the hub ring cycle for a system is usually located in the Oort zone of a system for security reasons.


Most cycles will have a space station complex built either into the cycle or alongside to provide goods and services to passing traffic.



The primary defence force for the UET is the United Naval service, which has a major base of operations in each core system. Rather than forcing one ideal on each system the navy allows each system to have its own naming, uniform, and ship design traditions, though the core ethos is set down in the centralised regulations set down by the Naval board.


The Arz Bellus, Arz Astraloga, Arz Novaris, and Arz Apothica all supply crew for specialised roles with the navy.


Other independent naval forces include:

 - Exo Genosis, to deal with the Sentinel threat.

 - Registered mercenary organisations

 - Penumbra teams

 - Independent millitias run by UET affiliates

 - Corporate militias

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