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Both within and without the United Earth Territories there are many factions which vie for control of wealth, resources, technology, and the minds of the willing

The United Earth Territories (UET) - Strength through diversity


After the Marcher Lords reunified the solnir kinde controlled systems during their great march from Terra the Unifier brought the various solnir federations, empires, and hegemonies together under an overarching bureaucracy in the form of the UET based on Terra.


The UET provides the backbone that runs the core worlds, ensuring that there is good governance and stability. Each component entity is separate from each other, with a single currency, military, and pan-federal judiciary run by the UET. They have extra-judicial powers to over rule local laws to ensure that everyone serves the greater good in the name of the Unifier.


All solnir kinde controlled worlds who sign up to the UET are guaranteed the protection of the United Naval Service, and in return they provide a steady stream of recruits for the military, Arz, and the corporations.


Every person born in the UET is born a free person, and then through service to the UET, the Arz, a corporation, or the military they can earn citizenship. Citizenship entitles them to vote, have extended health care, improved sumptuary laws, access to more information on StellaNet, and the ability to speak to dead relatives living within Syrianna.

The United Earth Territories

The United Naval Service

The Arz

Marcher Lords

Mercenary Groups

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United Naval Service (UNS) - In the Stars strength


In order to protect the disparate core worlds in UA 003 the UET senate mandated that a Unified Naval Service be created that would draw on the navies of its component members.


Each core system has a a fleet from which Admiralty on Terra draws ships to carry out missions. Each fleet has its own customs, uniforms, and ship designs, with the Admiralty Code of Conduct providing the regulations by which the service is run.


The UNS is run by an officer cadre drawn from across the core worlds. Every officer cadet has to pass an entrance exam to gain a place at the academy on Sahar, and any species and gender can attempt to take exam, with cadets chosen on merit. The enlisted crew, commonly called swabs, sign up for a career in their chosen field, and most ships will have a core enlisted crew who see out their entire careers on that ship. The senior officer aboard a ship is always referred to as the ship's Captain, regardless of rank, while the senior enlisted crew member on board a ship is call the ship's Master.


Core duties include pirate patrols, convoy protection, defence against aggressive stajne kinde attacks, and suppressing revolts against the greater good.

The Arz


The origins of the Arz is shrouded in the depths of the tumult of the third age, though each Arz has its origins in the desire by groups of academics, scientists, inventors, and archivists to preserve and better the science, knowledge, and technology of the second age. When the Unifier emerged on Magris with his call to reunify the demesne of man it was to the nascent Arz that he turned in order to gain the knowledge to build his armed forced. Upon the completion of this goal the Arz were granted domain over all the sciences and technological progress, then tasked with ensuring that this knowledge would be universally shared with all citizens and free people of the UET.


Day-to-day the Arz carry out such diverse roles such as universal healthcare and education, archiving information, studying stajne kinde, and exploring new systems.


By decree of the Unifier each recognised Arz is entitled to have their headquarters on Terra, with the Arz Majoris headquarters rivaling cities in their size. The Arz are run by a council of the leaders from the eight Arz majoris, with the Arz minoris and micrati existing under the patronage of one of the Arz majoris.


Each Arz has its own set of traditions, ranks, and chivalric order which both protects and enforces its will. The Arz are one of the few major non-governmental organisations which fall outside the UET's remit, and as such they are governed by their own codes and laws.


The Arz majoris are:


The Arz Astraloga: They run the ring cycle and nodal networks, having retro engineered the
                           technology used to create them. They are the first amongst equals, as the
                           Astrologa Elhoi is titular head of the Arz council.

Arz Apothica:  They provide healthcare services to the core worlds.

Arz Bellus: Research and develop new methods of war, working alongside the arms industry to
                produce the next generation of arms and armour.

Arz Genosis: They research the fundamentals of organic life in all its forms.

Arz Machina: They research and develop new machinery

Arz Mercantilus: They research and develop new market opportunities for goods and services. They also work with the Arz Whuvious to prototype products in parallel universes.
Arz Novaris: Tasked with exploring beyond the fringes of solnir kinde space, they work with the March                       
                  Lords and UNS to expand the demesne of man ever outwards.

Arz Scholastica: Charged with educating the masses, they run schools and universities across the
                        whole UET


Arz main page

The Marcher Lords - Always faithful


When the Unifier arrived on Terra to rally the solnir kinde for the Great March outwards he appointed twenty nine warlords to serve alongside him. These were drawn from among the solnir kinde diaspora  stajne kinde refugees, and each in turn created a host through which they could spread the Unifier's message to the stars. Each March Lord crafted their host in their own image, with unique iconography, tactical ethos, and philosophy.


Upon completion of their task the March Lords were granted bastions amongst the stars to protect and watch over the demesne of man, their key role to prevent a return to the anarchy of the third age. Most of the original March Lords have passed to the Unifier's side, and the handful that remain are the last threads connecting the present with the hallowed past. Upon the death of the incumbent Lord each host selects a new Lord worthy of the mantle.


Most hosts will have a bastion on the very edge of Solnir kinde space, ever vigilant for signs of stajne kinde incursion into their protected territory. Marcher Lords often work alongside Exo Genosis to combat sentinel incursions, and with the Arz Novaris to explore new regions for colonisation.


The Marcher hosts are unique amongst the UET forces as they are not obliged to honour a call to arms, rather the UET will present a petition to the Marcher Lord for use of their combined arms in any war they wish to undertake.


The thirty Marcher hosts:


Host name - Original Marcher Lord


1st Terran Cohort – Nembrathi Condama

2nd Aquiline Legion – Hath Mo

3rd Longsight Armada – Lothmir Vrin

4th Magris Army – Medea Cofswain

5th Alphan Battalion – Kedris Vun Lief

6th Leo Otomie – Poffran Zu Kolie

7th Rememberance Phalanx – Latiff Ven Kell Vun Obstrai Ven Kesell

8th Magris Rangers – Guido Mo’krai

9th Venasian Eschelon – Nergui

10th Ionian Tumen – Nirman Singh

11th Kiaju Shugo – Jito Norinaga

12th Volcanis Baivarabam – Sukoto Machi

13th Yellow Brigade – Hi Chin

14th Rynthian Syntagma – Loranz Phalami

15th Ossuary Maniplex – Rydia vin Elam

16th Jade Terrcio – Hath Zhi

17th Noctura Wing – Gix Lom Pho

18th Obsidian Halpan – Moximus van Kiar von Lodtra vin Terra

19th Hell Spear – Gurda Manuxdottir

20th Burning Avaxsis – Peffa Meloncomp

21st Corvid Hustle – Liese Verboa

22nd Angelis Cataphract – Ky et Mioa

23rd Crimson Hoard – Bella Hui

24th Frozen Mandible – Jusuian Lemis

25th Argent Guard– Xale Parbris

26th Dark Tigers – Q’lo’Ma

27th Falling Stars – Ostrid

28th Walls of Terra – Yief Yum Togo

29th Solar Guard – Kami Ostrpore

30th Eternal Bastion – The Unifier


Mercenary groups and militarised NGOs


On the fringes of the core world there is a flourishing cottage industry for mercenaries and other militarised non-govermental orginisations due to border wars, piracy, and the UNS being more concerned with the security of the core worlds and their nodes. These groups fill both offensive and defensive roles, with the major mercenary companies bordering on the size of corporations.


Within the core worlds mercenary groups are treated like major sports teams, with kill boards, league tables, and wide exposure give to the exploits of the highest profile mercs in the fringes. Many a UET child will have images of their favourite soldier of fortune on their walls, and the mercenary groups do nothing to dissuade the civilized world from glamourising their dark arts.


Amongst the many mercenary groups within the UET, the more prominent include:


Crimson Mist:

Run out of the crimson mist nebula they are a relatively new group who burst onto the scene in a big way thanks to their appropriation of a second age red dwarf processing plant deep within the nebula. They specialise in AI hacking, anti-piracy protection, espionage, and corporate raiding.


Cadava and Sandoline - C&S:

Led by the eponymous Messrs Cadava and Sandoline, C&S run their operations from Alpha, and have a reputation for delivery on a contract no matter the cost. They are one of the top league mercenary outfits, and many of their long term contractors have bloody reputations indeed.


Saffron Cloud:

A band on Hindu nationalists who spun off from the Dark Tigers at the end of the fourth age when the 26th Host settled on Toride. In a lightening set of maneuvers they captured five systems in the fringes by UA 015, and gained recognition from the UET as an autonomous region soon after. Ever since they have gradually expanded outwards into the unexplored region around them, and currently control twenty systems within their own set of ring cycles. Their mercenaries are mainly concentrated within their own demesne, though they do conduct operations externally at the right price.


Caku de Kinare - Edge of the Knife - ETK:

Operating from with the Khalsate, these sikh mercenaries are past masters at void walker warfare. They specialise in all forms of void walker fighting, from taking ships to precision orbital attacks. They have a significant amount of ghost walkers in their ranks, each revered and honoured by its crew as a shrine to their heroic deeds. ETK draw their recruits from former members of the standing Khalsa, and include a high number of Ashvrin warriors.