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A guide to the words and phrases of the Arz universe








Third rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to a Journeyman.


Agneta (Ag-nyet-a):

Sjelby’s personal AI



First rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to a Noviate.



Large space station in the Alpha-Centauri system. Home to the UET.


Alpha Zien-dien-Tie, House:

House at the Terran Naval Academy.



Twelfth month in the Solnir calendar, the month of remembrance.


Ang-kay Minas/Ang-kay:

Plant species discovered by the 26th Tigers during the march outward. The Ang-kay worked with the Arz Genosis to build technology which enabled them to enter the galactic frey.


Apothica, Arz:

The arz responsible for researching disease and medicine, and providing universal health care to all free people and indentured persons within the UET.


Arana Fitsuma

Keigh male commander of the 24th Darksight Sappers. Seen by many of the March Lords as an unwise choice to lead a host, he soon proved his worth in the tight corridors and confined spaces of the heavy ship-to-ship fighting the 24th were thrust into from the outset of the Great March. He personally selected every member of the host, and led them into battle until personally ordered to stop by the Unifier. He buried more members of his personal retinue than any other Marcher Lord or Lady. By the end of the Great March the 24th were the most decorated host, with every core world awarded them an accolade of some degree. Helped found the Exo Genosis, and was the Commandant of Exo Genosis from UA5 until his death on-board a Sentinel vessel in UA71. Upon his death the 24th were folded into the Exo Genosis, with many of its traditions being carried over.



Any technology that is lost the annals of time. Often applied to mythical second age technology that archotech hunters want to seek out and find.


Arrl musk:

Scent produced by the glands of the Arrl, a species of rabbit bred on Cygne.



The science and technology guilds which control, develop, and spread science and technology in the UET.



Second rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to  an initiate.


Astrologa, The Arz:

The Arz responsible for the maintaining and building of the ring cycles. They control all astrometric data within the UET by edict of The Unifier. First amongst equals on the Arz council.



A cyclopean species which hails from the planet Vren. Ashvrin translates as children of Vren in a local Vren language.





Fourth rank within Arz Mercantilus, equivalent to a Master.



Second rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to an Initiate.


Bastion world:

World granted to a March Lord and their host at the end of the Great March for services rendered as their personal demesne. A bastion world’s key role is to provide staging posts for further exploration of the galaxy and rallying points in a time of crisis. The UET has limited jurisdiction over a bastion world, and only the Solar Chamber can demand a bastion’s liege lord act.


Bella Hui:

Hanren female commander of the 23rd Crimson Hoard. Last solnir kinde Lady appointed prior to the Great March, she was set the task of reconnecting the disparate solnir kinde from the newly unified realms. Wrote the Red Tome, the definitive guide to the fourth age solnir kinde, which in turn was used as the basis for all future cataloguing of the solnir kinde by Arz genosis. Granted the honour of leading her own exploratory fleet into the void in UA3, and left the 23rd Watch on Terra to await her return.


Bellus, Arz:

The Arz responsible for the development of arms and armour.



First rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to a Noviate.



Seventh rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to a Regalis.


Bromalai, UNS:

Ship used to transport Sjelby to the academy. Consolidator class cruiser.





Third rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to a Journeyman.


Chancellor (Arz Scholastica):

Head of Arz Scholastica.



Second rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to an Initiate.


Condamme (con-darm):

Second month in the Solnir calendar.



Fifth rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to a Doctor.



Fourth rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to a Master.



Cryogenically frozen sleep


Cybernasis (cyber-narsis):

Solnir kinde created in the dying days of the second age to within stand the intense radiation caused by the Betelgeuse supernova. Genetics tailored to better handle augmentation.



Military standard unit for a year. Composed of 365 standard rotations.





Declaratus Annus, year of declaration. 1DA was the first year of the fourth age.



Solnir kinde who trace their origins the Asian sub-continent on Terra.


Dean (Arz Scholastica):

Sixth rank within Arz Scolastica, equivalent to a Regalis.



Second rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to an Initiate.


Delaiziers (del-ay-zee-ers):

Flowering plant from Kastro which produces white or blue flowers.


Demesne (domain):

Term for the holdings controlled by a person or group.


Di-Wu (Dee Woo):

Planet in the Bellatrix system, outer most bastion of the Marcher Lords.


Doctor (Arz):

Fifth rank within an arz.



Fifth rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to a Doctor.



First rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to a Noviate.





Fourth rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to a Master.



Fifth rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to a Doctor.



Fifth rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to a Doctor.



Head of The Arz Astrologa, titular head of the Arz council.



Seventh rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to a Regalis.



Sixth rank within an arz.



Third rank within Arz Mercantilus, equivalent to a Journeyman.



Sixth rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to an Eminence



Fifth rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to a Doctor.



First set up at the beginning of the fifth age by the 24th host and the Arz to monitor and combat the Sentinels. After the death of Arana Fitsuma in UA71 Exo-Genosis was run jointly by the Arz Genosis and Arz Bellus under the guidance of Lothmir Vrin until their retirement in UA219. The organisation was brought under the umbrella of the penumbra teams by Mance Vikator in M20 401 in order to better allocate resources and personnel.




Faenasu (fay-nah-su):

Fourth planet in the Kol system



Head of Arz Genosis.



Follower of the Mater Magna sect who sacrifices their masculinity to become a woman in honour of the Mother.



Sixth rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to an Eminence.


Fifth Age:

The age of Arz. Officially started the day after the Unifier ascended to Syrianna and the UET took over running the demesne that the Unifier had established during the Great March.


First Age:

The age of enlightenment. The dawn of man on Terra. Ended when the first prime contact with an alien race in the Alpha system ended in the destruction of the unarmed exploration vessels. Ever since solnir kinde use the expression Zien-dien-Tie to always remember the events that drove humanity forward.


Fourth Age:

The age of Unification. Officially started on the date the Unifier declared his intention to unify all the realms on man under one united banner. Ended on the day of the Unifier’s ascension to Syrianna.





Second rank within Arz Scholastica, equivalent to an Initiate.


Genosis, Arz:

The Arz responsible for researching genetics and combating the Sentinels.



Fifth rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to a Doctor.


Gix Lom Pho:

Female quillian who commanded the 17th Noctura Wing during the Great March. Secured eighty systems in the name of the Unifier around Tiantang, establishing the Mandate in the process. Granted bastion in Tiantang at the end of the March. Appointed the first Solar Protector after the death of the Unifier in UA1, relinquished the position in UA8 when the position became the President of the UET. Died on Tiantang in UA138.


Great March:

The Unifier sent 30 great hosts out from Terra at the beginning of the fourth age to reunite the demesne of man, and this became known as the Great March.


Guido Mo’krai:

Ethnic magrisian male. Commander of the Magresian Rangers. Protected the Sol system during the Great March. Granted Demesne over the Magrisian tundra as a reward. Died on Matermass AU191.



Third rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to a Journeyman.


Gurda Manuxdottir:

Ethnic Venasian female. Commander of the 19th Hell Spear. Her host was at the forefront of all the major assaults, and suffered the most casualties of any standing host during the March as a result. Only drew recruits from women or eunuchs. The 19th were granted demesne over Journey’s End, the high water mark of the Great March. Were the only host to achieve sovereignty in its own right during the fourth age. Established the Rairan Union. Died on Journey’s End in UA573.





Porcine species found by the 13th host on the planet Cellov in the Malakov system, though they are not natives to the local group.



Solnir kinde of ethnic east Asiatic decent. Among the most numerous of the solnir kinde.


Hath Zhi:

Hanren male who commanded the 16th Jade Terrcio during the Great March. Younger brother of Hath Mo. Secured Vren in the name of the Unifier, resented by the ashvrin for this. Led the march in the Gruis. Establish Yi as centre of martial excellence. Build a network of bastions on the fringes of the Gruis hegemony. Died in UA418 in battle  during the 27th’s rebellion.


Hath Mo:

Hanren male who commanded the 2nd Aquiline Legion during the Great March. Disappeared into the void with the majority of his host in UA 123 in pursuit of a Sentinel vessel.



Sixth rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to a Regalis.


Hi Chin:

Hanren male who commanded the 13th Yellow Brigade during the Great March. Led the expansion into the Long Tail Massif, and oversaw the reconstruction of many ring cycles. Died in 261DA on Faenasu.


Huidamme (hwee-darme):

Seventh month in the Solnir calendar.



Second rank within Arz Apophica, equivalent to an Initiate.





Seventh rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to a Regalis.



Third rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to a Journeyman.



Second rank within an Arz.



Native of the moon Io.


Io Occidentalis, House:

One of the four houses of the Terran Naval academy. Named after the moon Io.



Fifth rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to a Doctor.




Javistern (yav-is-tern):

Lowest rank in the Order of Terra



First rank in Arz Machina, equivalent to a Noviate.


Jito Norinaga (Jee-toe Noh-rin-arr-gah):

Terran male commander of the 11th Kaiju Shugo. Personally led the assault on the Sentinel fleet orbiting Erigone, which led to the first major defeat of the Sentinels during the Great March. Helped create the rez-net technology using archotech the 11th discovered on a Sentinel vessel, and was one of the first to have a rez-net implanted into his body. Due to this he continues to lead the 11th in their vigilance against the Sentinels from his fleet-in-being which goes from system to system.



Third month of the Solnir calendar, named after Jito Norinaga.



Third rank within an arz.





Fourth rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to a Master.


Kami Ostrpore:

Magresian male commander of the 29th Solar Guard during the Great March. Built the largest host numbering in the millions, who fought in virtually every theatre of war during the Great March. Granted Equus as a bastion world at the end of the Great March. Oversaw the fragmentation of his host into 75 smaller hosts, each of which was given to a non-bastion core world as Watch for protection, and these smaller hosts then took their own livery and traditions over time. Through the use of Second Age archeotech he still serves as Marcher Lord on Equus.



Fifth rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to a Doctor.



Seventh rank within Arz Mercantilus, equivalent to a Regalis.


Kedris Vun Lief:

Alphan male who commanded the 5th Alphan Battalion on the Great March. Host lost en-route to the Roi system in 128DA.


Keigh (Keith):

Silicate simian species from Cerberus. Known for their translucent skin and bio-luminescent hair.


Kolieda (Kol-leeda):

Ninth month in the Solnir calendar.


Ky et Mioa:

Conjoined male dahamaran twins who commanded the 22nd Angelis Cataphract during the Great March. They were the pioneers of the open palm technique of unification, and as a result nearly two hundred systems were brought into the UET by their actions. They only saw combat on four occasions against the Sentinels. Architects of Alpha node hall on Sahar. Ascended along with the Unifier.



Fifth month of the Solnir calendar. Named after Ky et Mioa.




Latiff Ven Kell Vun Obstrai Ven Kesell:

Alphan male who commanded the 7th Remembrance Phalanx during the Great March. The 7th are credited with the first kill of a Sentinel ship during the March, and had the honour of settling Di Wu at the end of the March. Died on UA M002 309.


Liese Verboa:

Cybernasis commander of the 21st Corvid Hustle. Led the first expedition out of the Sol system into the void. Responsible for the quelling of the Sentinels in Alpha and around the Orion nebula. Fortified Jia as the outlier on the edge of the Orion nebula to enable further exploration of the nebula. Summarily executed in 1001DA when they became infected by an unknown stajne kinde weapon.



A prison who is serving out a whole life tariff in real time, meaning the end of their sentence is the end of their life.



Fourth rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to a Master.


Loranz Phalami:

Spartoi male who commanded the 14th Rynthian Syntagma during the Great March. Set up the Arz Novaris fleets, and personally led fourteen expeditions into uncharted space in the last years of the fourth age. Outraged by the decision to give Rynth to the ninth, he led a rebellion against the UET between UA2 and UA30 when the combined arms of the UNS, 4th and 21st hosts finally stopped him over Baila. Executed for his crimes in UA30. 14th host stripped of its honours and indentured to the Arz Bellus.


Lothmir Vrin:

The ashvrin commander of the 3rd Longsight Armada during the Great March. They were responsible for the prime contact with the ang-kay, and were instrumental in the founding the exo-genosis to combat the Sentinel threat. Died in UA249 on Vren.




Machina, Arz:

The Arz responsible for the development, building, and running of machines and processes. They work alongside corporations to better exploit technology for the greater good.



Fourth rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to a Master.



Head of Arz Bellus, commander-in-chief of the Bellus war host.



Eleventh month in the Solnir calendar. Named after the birth place of the Unifier Magris.


Magris (magrease):

Fourth planet in the Sol system.


Magris Rouge, House:

House of the Terran Naval Academy.



1 - Person from the planet Magris.

2 – An ethnic solnir kinde from the planet Magris.


Mance Vikator:

One of the original Immortals anointed by the Unifier from his personnel retinue in the Eternal Bastion. His current form is one of a Magresian male. Serves as senior senator for Magris in the Senate. Chair of the Senate’s special operations sub-committee, and personally decides who runs each team. Reports directly to the President.


Marcher Lords:

The 30 military commanders appointed by the Unifier to undertake the reconnection of the former human territories and demesnes lost during the third age. Each Lord created their own army, navy, and civil service through which they could achieve their mission.



Second rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to an Initiate.


Master (ships):

The most senior non-commissioned officer on-board a star ship.


Master (Arz):

The fourth rank within an arz.


Mater (matt-air or may-ter):

One of the names used by followers for the Frendar religion of the Goddess.


Matermass (matt-air-mass):

Celebration held in Alphadamme in honour of the Mother, observed as a UET wide holiday for all creeds and cultures.



Fourth month of the Solnir calendar. Named after the Mother.


Medea Cofswain (Med-daya Coughs-Wayne):

Magrisian female commander of the 4th Magris army. First consort of the Unifier. Led the expedition into the Ursus Majoris region. Died on Ursus UA35.


Merchantilus, Arz:

The Arz responsible for the merchant engines which run the UET’s financial underpinnings.


Mercoi (mer-quoi):

First planet in the Sol system.



Second rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to an Initiate.



Fourth rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to a Master.



Sixth month of the Solnir calendar.



Head of Arz Novaris.



Head of Arz Reddinite.


Moximus van Kiar von Lodtra vin Terra:

Alpha male who took over the 18th Obsidan Halpan when the original commander was executed for attempting to assassinate the Unifier on Magris. Instrumental in the building of the Cygnus X-1 power array, which enabled the Unifier to reopen the Cygnus ring cycle, which in turn opened up a large area of second age territory. Granted the name Vin Terra by the Unifier in honour of his achievements. Took charge of the defence of Cygne after the 5th host were lost en route. First Lord Provost of the Solar Chamber, held the post until UA421. Died on Alpha UA M02 704.





First rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to a Noviate.



Third rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to a Journeyman.


Nembrathi Condama (Nem-brah-fi Con-darma):

Pure blooded Terran woman who was the first follower of the Unifier. Led the 1st Terran Cohort during the Great March, and died in UA 219 on Terra.



Venasian female commander of the 9th Vanasian Echelon. Of the five companions of the Unifier who accompanied him on his visit to Jallith she was the only one to survive. Granted demesne over Rynth at the end of the Great March. Died in UA43, and buried in a great mausoleum in Rynth.


Neus Brasilia:

Core world. Captial of the Pau system. Gamma Node. Home to the third largest ring cycle collection in the UET.


Nirman Singh:

Ionian male commander of the 10th Ionian Tumen during the Great March. Pioneered the use of void walkers, and personally commanded more than a hundred assaults. Responsible for brokering a non-aggression pact between the Khalsate and the UET. Last seen going on a long walk in UA385.



Sixth rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to an Eminance.



Sixth rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to an Eminance.


Novaris, Arz:

The Arz responsible with exploring the galaxy and expanding the reach of the terran demesne.



First rank in the Arz structure, they then progress to become an initiate into the Arz who is learning their craft.




Occular Fidelis:

Founded by Ostrid in DA997. Brought under the umbrella of the penumbra teams by Mance Vikator in M20 452 after an internal review found major levels of corruption within its ranks. Ostentatiously tasked by the Solar Chamber to monitor other penumbra teams and carry out the Solar Chamber’s direct operations.



Seventh rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to a Regalis.



Sixth rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to an Eminance.



Alphan female commander of the 27th Falling Stars during the Great March. Gained the most victories over the Sentinels during the early stages of the Great March, then tasked with hunting down any rogue elements who threatened the stability of the worlds being unified. Created the nascent Ocular Fidelis in DA997. Was at the Unifier’s side when he ascended. Ran Occular Fidelis until UA405 when she was stripped of command on trumped up charged brought by the Arz Astrologa. Banished to the Pluto Deep 4 lifer prison facility, though en-route she raised her banner against the UET. In short order she managed to unite all the felons on the station in the name of her cause, which in turned led to the start on the Fallen Star rebellion. The core worlds of Bei, Guan, and Optima raise their banners in support, and she lead a combined force which fought the UET to a standstill on Ku’ari, where she executed Q’Lo’Ma for crimes against humanity. Arrived in the Sol system in UA411 at the head of an armada of five hundred ships, which faced down a combined fleet of over a thousand. The two fleets engaged each other around Neptune. Her ship was destroyed in the fierce fighting and her body was never revered.




Peffa Meloncomp:

Female Mercoian commander of the 20th Burning Avaxis. Led the march into Telos. Died on Jallith.


Penumbra teams:

Teams run by the senate special operations sub-committee headed by Mance Vikator. Each team has a unique set of duties, which it carries out in varying degrees of secrecy.


Pluto Deep 4:

Prison colony in the oort zone out past the Pluto ring cycle. Destroyed in UA405 during the Fallen Star Rebellion led by Ostrid.


Pluto Deep 6:

Prison colony in the oort zone out past the Pluto ring cycle. Home to lifer political prisoners. Known to be escape proof as it is completely automated and only drone supply ships dock at the station


Poffran Zu Kolie:

Terran male who commanded the 6th Leo Otomie during the Great March. Responsible for pulling together the disparate military researchers and forming the Arz Bellus. Ascended with the Unifier on the final day of the fourth age.



A virtual pocket universe created by a user within Syriana that enables them to do anything they wish.




Q’lo’Ma (Klo Mar):

Terran female commander of the 26th White Tigers during the Great March. The 26th were involved in some of the bloodiest of the Great March during the suppression of the Ursus worlds. She personally led and co-ordinated over a hundred planetary assaults, and was responsible for the conquest of eight core worlds. She gained a reputation as the bloodiest of all the Marcher Lords and Ladies. Given Toride as her personal fiefdom, later declared a bastion of the 26th. Granted commanded of the coalition that fought against the 27th host when they rebelled in U406. Captured while reviewing a forward position in UA409, and personally execute by Ostrid for crimes against humanity.


Quillian (killian):

An avian species which were amongst the first species to be discovered by humanity during the early second age expansion into the void.




Reddinite, Arz:

The Arz responsible for the collection, collation, and preservation of data.



Seventh rank within an arz.


Ring Cycle:

A collection of interstellar gates connecting a system with the wider UET. Each gate is a capped wormhole created using energy drawn from an induced super nova in a parallel universe.



Military unit for a day, denotes twenty four standard Terran hours.


Rydia vin Elam:

Alphan female commander of the 15th Ossuary Maniplex. Her host was initially the smallest, as she chose to draw her recruits from the worlds she unified. Granted bastion over Krena at the end of the March. Died UA705 when her ship was lost on the edge of the Avios system.



Core world. Captial of the Bastion Gamma System. Gamma Node. Bastion of the Ninth Host. Outer most bastion on the leeward edge of the UET facing into the galactic centre.




Sahar/Sahar Station:

Space station which girdles Terra all the way around the equator. First started during the first age, it has grown to become the largest man-made structure in the galaxy. The station is the closest most inhabitants of the UET will be able to come to Terra.



Amphibian/reptilian species that enthusiastically embraced human technology upon prime contact during the second age. Keen genetic modifiers.


Salryn (sal-rinn):

Eta node system connects to the Vren ring cycle.



First rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to a noviate.



Fifth rank witin Arz Merchantilus, equivalent to an Eminance.


Scholastica, Arz:

The Arz responsible for teaching the children of free people and indentured persons.



First rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to a Noviate


Second Age:

The Golden age. Begun in the aftermath of the Zien-dien-Tie, the second age heralded the great leap forward in human understanding of technology. The invention of cross-dimensional jumping, time travel, the ring cycles, and StellaNet all have their origins on the second age, along with many other more mundane technologies. No-one is certain as to why the second age ended, but the Betelgeuse supernova is considered the starting point of the decline into the darkness of the third age.



Stajne kinde responsible for the zien-dien-tie. Pushed to the edges of solnir kinde space during the first age, then reasserted themselves in the third age. The Unifier brutally suppressed them during the Great March, and the Exo Genosis were set up explicitly to deal with the Sentinel menace in the wake of peace being declared.



Sixth rank within Arz Bellus, equivalent to an Eminance.



Third rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to a Journeyman.



A shadow information network used by those outside of UET control.



Third rank in The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to a journeyman.



Ashvrin general term for humans and other solnir kinde.


Sjelby (Shelby):

Esoteric Terran girls name.


Sol Victorius, House:

A house at the Terran Naval Academy.


Solar chamber:

The highest Court within the UET framework. Usually deals with cases brought against the Arz, Penumbra teams, corporations, and other extra-judicial NGO’s. Other than a pardon from the President there is no recourse for appeal. Run by the Lord Provost, who is appointed from within the members of the Solar Chamber, who are in turn appointed on rotation by the office of the President, the Senate, and the Arz Council. Members are appointed for life, though only serve as active jurists for fifty years.


Solnir Kinde (sol-near kinn-duh):

Any non-Terran human successor species, such as Spartoi, Magrecians, and Alphans.



Solnir kinde who were created during the second age to colonise marginal planets. Spartoi have two hearts, three lungs, four kidneys, a redundant neural network, and other enhancements which aid their core role.


Stajne Kinde (star-nah Kinn-duh):

Any non-solnir kinde species, usually applied to species who actively live within the UET and are familiar with UET customs.



UET wide computer network which holds the vast knowledge of humanity, entertainment networks, and is the backbone of the security access system which runs the Terran demesne.



First rank within The Arz Astrologa, equivalent to an Initiate.



Third rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to a Journeyman.



Seventh rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to a Regalis.


Sukoto Machi:

Female Magrisian commander of the 12th Volcanis Baivarabam during the Great March. Helped with the great Quillian migration from the fringes to the inner core world, and was personally responsible for the reintegration treaty that allowed stajne kinde the same rights as solnir kinde. Died on Magris in UA271.



Common term for enlisted naval personnel.


Sword - Order of Sol:

First rank of the Order of Sol, awarded by a vote in the Senate to worthy individuals.



Non-organic chassis housing an AI or other consciousness. Often takes the form of a bi-pedal robot or cyber animal.





Sixth rank within Arz Novaris, equivalent to an Eminance.



Sixth rank within Arz Apothica, equivalent to an Eminance.



First rank within Arz Mercentilus, equivalent to a Noviate.



Humans who were born on Terra or can trace their direct genetic lineage back to Terra through all their bloodlines.


The Unifier:

Person who single handedly ended the third age when he got the Magretian and Terran governments to create a concordat of mutual co-operations. Personally led the unified forces out into the void to reconnect the lost demesnes of man. Created Syrianna in order to give humanity future free from the fear of death.


Third Age:

The age of darkness/strife/madness. In the bleak days after the Betelgeuse supernova the once united realms of man fractured and lost contact with one another. Stajne kinde reasserted their rights, ring cycles guttered out, and the cohesive whole shattered into many fragmented parts. The official end of the third age is considered the declaration of intent by the Unifier.



Head of Arz Mercantilus.


Tumenda (too-mendar):

Eighth month in the Solnir calendar.


Tycho Academy for Advanced Naval Training (TAANT):

Founded by Yief Yom Togo in UA47. Central staff collage for the UET naval elite. Home to the largest archives outside the Arz Reddinites of Terran exploration of the galaxy.





Unifius Annus, the year of unification. 1 UA was the first year of the fifth age.



Fourth rank within Arz Reddinite, equivalent to a Master.


Unida (you-nee-da):

First month of the Solnir calendar.


Unified Path:

The way of the Unifier. Developed by the Unifier on his return from Jalith to Terra as a philosophy to unite all sentient beings into a harmonious oneness. Considered the central creed of the UET, which all free people and citizens must ascribe to in order to consider themselves loyal to the great whole. The Unified Path is a philosophy, with adherents striving to find their place within the greater whole.


United Earth Territories (UET):

The collective federal territories that are run by the UET bureaucracy. Headed by a president based on Terra. A democratically elected congress sits on Terra which creates the laws that run the UET.





Second rank within Arz Mercantius, equivalent to an Initiate.


Venasia (ven-ar-sia):

Second planet in the Sol system. Famous for its floating cloud cities.



1 – Person from the planet Vanasia.

2 – Person of Vanasian ethnicity.




Whuvious, Arz:

The Arz responsible for time travel and temporal manipulation.




Xale Parbris:

Male Magrisian commander of the 25th Argent Guard during the Great March. One of the Unifier’s oldest confidants on Magris. Fought as the Hand of the Unifier through the Great March. The first to bend his knee to the Unifier on his return from Jalith, swearing fealty to the Unified path. Considered to be the great disciple of the Unified Path who took up the task of codifying the UET’s first legal codex in the wake of the Unifier’s ascension. Died in UA143 on Terra.



The study of non-solnir kinde species.





Head of Arz Machina.


Seventh rank within Arz Genosis, equivalent to a Regalis.



Fourth rank within Arz Machina, equivalent to a Master.


Yief Yom Togo

Male Terran commander of the 28th Walls of Terra during the Great March. Personally directed the restoration of Sahar station. Led construction of the solar fleets which carried hosts outwards into the galaxy. Named Grand Admiral of the Solar fleets the Unifier for services rendered. His host crewed majority of ships on behalf of the other hosts, and were responsible for establishing the Core World admiralties at the end of the March. First commander-in-chief of the UET military, serving from UA1 to UA47. Retired to Luna where he established the Tycho Academy for Advance Naval Traning (TAANT). Died in UA134, and buried with fully military honours at the academy.



Head of Arz Apothica.



Small orange flowering plants from Coughlan.





Motto of the Alphan republic. Translates as 'always remembers' in Alphan common.

























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